Craftastrophes Unleashed

9 Nov

Life is a strange thing.  When you are young, you do not have many choices available to you, so you tend to envy those who have more than you, are more talented than you, or are just plan cooler than you.  You wish you were them.  As you get older, you begin to realize you have control over the person that you are, and you can work to become someone better.  Perhaps not someone entirely different, but a better version of the person that you are.  You don’t have to wish to be someone else, you can simply work on achieving those attributes for yourself.  Unfortunately, not all of us come to this realization, or do so much later in life.  We waste years wishing we were someone else, when all we had to do was go out and accomplish things for ourselves.  Its true, some talents you are simply born with.  I will never be a world-famous ballerina.  I am devastatingly uncoordinated.  I would be a safely hazard on any stage.  However, you can become better at anything you have a passion for.  If you are uncoordinated, yet have a passion to dance, take dance lessons and become a better dancer.  Even if you don’t excel, you can still have a great time doing something you enjoy.  I, thankfully, have no passion for dance and can therefore spare myself the embarrassment of ending up on my rear end in a room full of people.

I do however have a passion for creating things.  Crafts, food, anything pretty and/or delicious.  I am proficient at knitting, and a decent cook, though I have a lot to learn about both of these things.  As I was preparing for my schools Halloween Party this year (I am a Toddler Teacher at a daycare), I realized it would be fun to share some of the activities we do as a class.  Then I  received a Groupon for Top Chef University.  It was $50 for a 1 year subscription with was originally $200 (or so the ad claimed).  I figured this is about at much as 1 cooking class costs, so why not?  I also offered to cook Thanksgiving Dinner this year for my first time ever, which is bound to be an interesting experience.  These opportunities combined inspired me to share my attempts  to become a version of myself I have wanted to be for a long time.  I am no longer the college girl envious of the young women slightly older than myself who appeared to have things a little more together than I did.  My fridge no longer contains only beer and old pizza, there is now some wine…  It is time to take control over the person I want to become.  It is time to decide who I want to be when I grow up.  And I want to be… a child development expert, who can knit socks, and make a mean Thanksgiving turkey.

As for the craftastrophes?  Well, I also tend to be a little ditzy and slightly careless at times, in addition to having self diagnosed bad luck.  There are bound to be some interesting disasters along the way that I would love to share with you!  Please join me on my quest to become a domestic goddess!


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